Brides and their bridesmaids aren’t the only ones to agonize about their wedding attire. Grooms and groomsmen are concerned about what they’re going to wear, too. Especially in the Spring when the weather is mild and the outdoor venues in the area around Washington, D.C. are easy, breezy and picturesque. (Find other tips for spring weddings here.)

The men want to be in style, have their own picture-perfect look and fit into the wedding site. Plus, gentlemen want the process to be relaxed, stress-free, cool and calm.

How to select perfect menswear

To make sure the guys are dressed to the nines, consider the outdoor location. Jackets are perfect in the mild Springtime weather. You want perfect men’s fashions for a perfect outdoor Spring wedding near Washington, D.C.

Think about a Springtime wedding in Winchester, Virginia

You will love the season’s natural romantic beauty and blooming bursts of color and want to bring that color into the men’s fashion. Don’t forget about outdoor photography. Certainly, you’ll want the best lighting and color for outdoor photography with the maximum hours of daylight for photos.

Build a look

Then, think very casual or very formal… or something in between. Choose from hundreds of styles and color combinations and get the fit profile from each man in the wedding party, so the fashions fit the look you and your partner want. Do you want tuxedos for all? Or do you want to choose a less formal look then add your own color and style? Bowtie or vest? Suspenders or cummerbund? Trending, casual or classic?

Don’t settle for bland

A Springtime wedding in the Washington, D.C. area can be as unique and distinctive as you are. So, feel free to spice up or tone down the groom’s and the groomsmen’s attire. It’s entirely up to you!