Venues near Washington D.C. in the Post-Pandemic Boom

Plan Your Wedding Before the Post-Pandemic Boom Makes It Tough to Find a Venue Near Washington D.C.

Fortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is winding down. Many adults and teens have been vaccinated. Now engaged couples are racing to the altar in a post vaccination-era wedding boom which has venues near Washington D.C. and other vendors in high demand. Post-pandemic bookings are already being pushed into 2023 A recent Associated Press article said, “With … Read More »

Six Star Events

Like everything on your wedding day, choosing your wedding meal and style is completely customizable to you and your vision. Do you like a more formal, intimate, structured meal? For plated dinners we like to serve the bride and groom first so they have time to sneak in a few bites before the toasts and … Read More »