Like everything on your wedding day, choosing your wedding meal and style is completely customizable to you and your vision.

Do you like a more formal, intimate, structured meal? For plated dinners we like to serve the bride and groom first so they have time to sneak in a few bites before the toasts and dancing.

Do you prefer feeling like you’re at home with your family and friends? You could do a buffet or serve the food family style where we place large portions of each dish on each table and you pass it around to each other just like you were at home.

Do you like to be social and mingle the night away, grazing on foods throughout the evening?  A buffet style would work for this vision as well, but supplemented with trays of food being carried by our floor staff and surprising your guests with different tasty treats.

Not surprisingly, many of these options have had to be tweaked in recent times. (Find other changes in our blog post here.) BUT we have found ways to execute what you envision for your special day in a very safe and efficient way. All of our staff wears gloves and masks throughout your event, and if you choose to do a buffet, our staff will do all of the serving for you.

We work closely with 6 Pastures to coordinate timelines/outlines/layouts and all the fine details of your event. They are on site for deliveries and communicate with us throughout the process. Having a great relationship and open communication is one of the reasons our events always flow so smoothly at 6 Pastures. 

Six Star is a full-service company. This means we’ll handle everything from catering, to bartending, to staffing, and event rentals like tables, chairs, linens, china, flatware, glassware. It’s our job, and our passion, to make the raw space get transformed into YOUR VISION, and to provide you with all of the service equipment needed to execute your event. We’re a “well-oiled machine” that goes into action and makes service seem to flow seamlessly and effortlessly, so you can focus on simply enjoying yourself.

We hope to meet you soon to talk about your dreams and make your wedding a reality.