Virginia has so much diversity, you should have no trouble finding a wedding venue that fits your style. From the beach to the city to the farm, every venue will be unique, and every wedding as well. Here are some of our favorite trendy wedding centerpieces in Virginia, and most can be used in any venue.

Go simple with the florals.

Minimalism is a growing trend in all aspects of life, so why should weddings be any different? Try simplifying your décor by choosing just greenery or one color flower instead of extravagant floral displays. You can add variety with vases in different heights.

Add edible elements.

Why shouldn’t a centerpiece be edible? You could add simple elements such as small bowls of raspberries, you can create the farm-to-table look with a modified charcuterie board, which doubles as appetizers or post dinner snacking. We love that with current centerpieces, nothing is off limits.

Add height with geometric vases.

Geo vases are very trendy, especially in gold (although we’ve also seen black.)  They can add character and height to your table, with anything inside from complex floral arrangements, to simple candles, or even a succulent.

Incorporate your family.

Your wedding day is about you, but it can also be a tribute to both of your families; a celebration of two families uniting. If you have any historical artifacts from your families, these can make gorgeous centerpieces or accent pieces around the room, especially with a barn/farm wedding. Accompany them with some black and white photos of your grandparents or loved ones.

Multi-Tasking Elements.

Your seating chart can double as an addition to your centerpiece, especially if you use floral elements as your place cards. This idea could also work with small planted flowers or succulents, and be a gift for your guests to take home.

Table Runner Greenery.

Heavy greenery in a table runner is another simple, but trendy centerpiece, especially for long tables. You can add pops of color to the greenery, or place candles and vases around it. We love the use of glassware to add the pops of color on this table.